Diagnosed with herpes-When should you disclose that you have herpes?

Despite all the information available on the internet about herpes, there is one question that remains answered – What is the right time to disclose that you have herpes?

It is a topic that has been debated for a long time and still there is no consensus derived. This article aims to put forward various opinions on whether it is okay to reveal about the condition before or after getting into a relationship.

If you are disclosing it, when should you do that?

Now that you think it is time to take things ahead and turn friendship into relationship, it is essential to consider your medical condition. Furthermore, in case you have decided to tell your partner about herpes, who isn’t already infected, what would be the right time to confess?

Industry experts believe that it would be wise to make things clear in the beginning. Transparency is very important in a relationship. There would come a time when you would think of having sex and that is when things would fall apart. On the contrary, telling your partner about your previous relationships and how you got herpes could as well turn in your favor. There are several relationships in which people have agreed to get into a relationship with an HSV infected partner.

If there is true love and good level of understanding, you will get together, no matter what happens. On the other hand, some are under the impression that revealing your medical condition right before sex is advantageous. A leading psychologist from the University of California says that it would be great to let the relationship blossom. It is essential to give your partner some time to get attached with you prior to disclosing about an STD.

Revealing it right in the beginning will restrict your dating choices to people who already have herpes.

Herpes is so common, what’s the big deal?
herpes talk

There are people who believe that herpes has become so common that there isn’t a need to reveal it to your partner. There are millions of people who aren’t aware that they carry the infection. When they engage in casual sex, the virus passes onto the other person. However, there is a clause attached to this. If you are having sex with an unknown person, it is recommended that you use a condom in order to lower the risk of transmission.

Any person, who is involved in a casual encounter, is entering the field at their own risk and there are always chances of contracting herpes. So, if they have accessed the situation and made up their mind, why should the positive person be liable?

These can be considered as two sides of the same coin. Each of these principles is based on a logical reason and cannot be deemed wrong in any regard.

Herpes – True or False!



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